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Whether working with GJH Logistics Services on a transactional or strategic level, you’ll receive best-in-class communication, outstanding customer service, and efficent responsiveness. As a logistics provider, we help you manage the warehouse and transportation needs of your supply chain so you can focus on your business. Get in touch with us for all your logistic needs.


Transloading Services. In today's U.S. COVID-19 climate of limited capacity on ocean inbound vessels into North America, transloading with the use of railcar or truck can support your business, giving you direct access to end-users.


Port Services. We can provide you with complete port-to-door delivery solutions that meet scheduling expectations while avoiding costly and unnecessary demurrage charges. This includes drayage transportation, storage coordination, transloading, cross-docking, and warehousing.


Drayage Services. Capacity for drayage fluctuates in accordance with holiday and retail surges causing ports to become backlogged. GJH Logistic Services can help you navigate these shifts and ensure cost savings from demurrage, appointment requirements are meet, local drayage carrier are used.


Container Re-Work. GJH Logistic Services can re-work containers or trailers to meet your customers' needs and in the process reduce your transportation and distribution costs.


Final Mile. GJH Logistic Services combine technology, best-in-class carriers with expert and responsive support. We offer reliable trucking services with access to over 30,000 trucks daily throughout the U.S.


Warehouse Services. GJH Logistic Services has 15,000
sqft in Phoenix, AZ and over 300,000 sqft of partner
warehousing throughout the US. Our inventory management system ensures the most streamlined, organized tracking solution for your goods.

Need One Of Our Services? Reach Out Today.
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