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GJH Logistic Warehousing Services Are:

Cost Effective. We continue to optimize our processes for warehousing, cross docking, and contract warehousing, all while decreasing customer's cost and reducing risk.

Flexible. We specialize in contract warehousing and cross docking along with other serviced such as fulfillment and distribution. We provide the flexibility and customized warehouse solutions.

Technology Intergrated. We pair premium technology and sofisticated automation to streamline our warehousing, storage, and inventory process.


When you need to bring your shipment directly to another business, we can help! We provide personalized solutions for contract warehousing based on your needs

GJH Logistic Services Warehousing Advantage:

Unlike most freight brokers, GJH Logistic Services has two warehouses here in Phoenix, AZ, totaling 17,000 sqft. We also have warehouse partners throughout the U.S. making your warehouse requests a more flexible and cost effective solution.

We are always gorwing and improving our processes on warehousing and trucking. We use the most innovative technology applications to save you money while we continue to improve our efficency.

We customize your time line to meet your needs, we have the flexibility of long or short term warehousing. We pride ourselves on beikng customizable, affordable, and reliable.

Need a partner in warehousing?
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