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Empower Your Business with Better Logistics. 

We handle the logistics big carriers don't want to deal with, GJH Logistic Services provides a variety of logistic services such as, drayage, warehouse, transloading, and final mile delivery. 

From inbound shipments, hazmat, cross-boarder, and overweight shipments, we do it all. We know how to traffic your freight around logistic terminal congestions, and get your freight to it's destination. We move your freight and take care of any issues along the way so you don't have to.


GJH Logistic Services

Stop dealing with unpredictable traffic patterns, time-consuming weigh stations and other issues related to drayage. GJH Logistic Services moves goods seamlessly with as few disruptions and delays as possible by combining different, much more efficient methods of travel.

Delievering superior customer service with a dedicated, real and responsive, logistic coordinator, making sure we take care of you so you can take care of your customers.

Customized logistic solutions, we know every delivery is not the same and our experienced logistic coordinators know how to accommodate your freight forwarding needs and any issues along the way.

Process driven apporach, so everything is stremlined with our innovative technology intergration for your logistic needs wether it's transloading, drayage, import or export or final mile. We pull and return containers quickly.

World Strip
GJH Logistic Services believes that the quality of your delivery and warehousing needs are as important as the quality of your product. Weather you have ocean import and export needs, warehouse overstock, a transloading need, or need long or short term storage. We will treat your cargo, and your customers, with the utmost care and respect.
We are here to help you keep your fleet moving, we offer a combination of dedicated and transactional freight from coast to coast. Your team can be sure that we’re there for you every mile of the journey with a friendly and dedicated, single point of contact. Let's get you onboarded and driving!
If you have cargo that needs to be trans-loaded from an ocean container to a trailer we can help. Our transloading team can take the worry away and get your cargo back on track in no time.
Whether you need a long-term warehousing partner to manage the storage and distribution of a large-scale inventory of goods on a regular basis or a warehouse in Phoenix, AZ or other nationwide locations for a short-term solution, we offer a comprehensive range of warehousing services.
When it comes to import and export shipping, GJH Logistic Services has a proven track record of providing our customers with superior customer care, expert knowledge, and a deep understanding of international cargo import and export transportation and logistics.
If you have an overweight container that needs to be stripped out and shipped to your consignee after consolidating loads to meet weight requirements we can help. Did your customer refuse a load because it had shifted in transit and needs to be reworked? We can help. 
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