Dedicated services to keep your business moving


Small Next Day Parcel

Our cars and cargo vans deliver your small parcels, next-day, with the utmost care and attention.

Pallets or Small Parts

Interstate Express’ well-equipped fleet can handle deliveries large or small. Need a single pallet or small parts delivered next-day? We’ve got you covered.

Pool Distribution

Access Interstate Express’ existing network of regional routes with our efficient pool distribution options.

Spoke and Wheel

Our distribution hubs in Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico expedite your deliveries throughout the region.

Dock Sweeps

Prevent bottlenecks in your warehouse. We will sweep your dock, sort and route your pallets, packages, and small parcels for delivery the next day.

Dedicated Routes

Interstate Express offers dedicated distribution routes that meet your individual needs for high-volume and regular shipping needs.

Fleet Outsourcing

You are the expert in your industry, but you don’t need to be an expert in distribution or fleet maintenance. Leave that to Interstate Express. Through fleet outsourcing, we can help you improve efficiency and customer service, as well as reduce costs.

Ready To Grow Your Distribution?

GJH Lostic Servcies is a family-owned trucking and logistics company serving the western region. Based in  Arizona, with a presence in New Mexico and California, GJH Logistic Services has the capacity and experience to serve clients from dock to final mile.



3001 West Indian School Rd
Suite 132

Phoenix, Arizona 85017

Tel: 623-476-0034

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